NEMUS at the Leeds IMC

NEMUS at the Leeds IMC

The Network has had its first public event: a scholarly rendez-vous at the Leeds International Medieval Congress. This was the first edition of Crossing the Branches in Environmental Medieval Studies, an interdisiplinary initiative around a given topic. At this time, attention was gathered around the topic “Living alongside Beasts in Medieval Portugal”. Two papers were delivered offering different angles on the medieval wolf, enlivened by rich discussion among those present (online and on site).

Details of the session as follows.

IMC 2023 Session 1141
Sponsored by the Instituto de Estudos Medievais (NOVA-FCSH) and NEMUS

Chair Tiago Viúla de Faria, IEM

Paper 1141-a

Furthering Scholarly Entanglements in Environmental Studies: An Introduction to the NEMUS Website and Platform. Tiago Viúla de Faria
Index Terms: Computing in Medieval Studies; Language and Literature – Spanish or Portuguese

Paper 1141-b The Fox and the Wolf: Literary Representations in Medieval Portugal. Fábio Gonçalves, IEM
Index Terms: Language and Literature – Spanish or Portuguese; Mentalities; Rhetoric

Paper 1141-c Man and Wolf in Late Medieval Southern Portugal. André Filipe Oliveira da Silva (CITCEM – Univ. of Porto), Universidade do Porto
Index Terms: Archives and Sources; Charters and Diplomatics; Daily Life; Law

From left to right: Gonçalves, Silva, Faria during the Q&A.